14th February 2017

Case study: SyncBac PRO Delivers Significant Cost Savings For ‘The Island With Bear Grylls’

Postproduction time on the current series of “The Island With Bear Grylls” was reduced massively by using the SyncBac PRO to timecode-sync all GoPro HERO4 cameras. This is expected to result in significant cost savings in media management and postproduction.
12th January 2017

Video tutorial: Using the BLINK Hub app to start and stop multiple GoPros simultaneously

A video tutorial showing how to use the BLINK Hub app to remotely control multiple GoPro cameras from a MacBook.
14th December 2016

Video tutorial: Setting up our multi-GoPro workflow

A video tutorial guiding you through how to set-up your SyncBac PROs to create a perfectly synchronised, professional GoPro workflow.
8th December 2016

Sync For Sport

Television audiences today expect an insight into what’s happening on the pitch, track or field that simply would not have been possible a decade ago. It may be relatively hassle-free to use multiple GoPros to capture this spontaneous, multidimensional content nowadays, but how do you manage the huge volumes of media delivered to postproduction at the end of a shoot?